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Van Sickle School

Springfield, MA

An existing 140,000 s.f. school building constructed in 1930 was renovated and expanded by 79,000 s.f. to accommodate a contemporary middle school program for 1,200 students. The historical significance of the existing structure was preserved with restoration work and enhanced by the construction of architecturally compatible additions. A 61,000 s.f. wing of the existing building built in 1968 was renovated to house a 300 student alernative high school. Architecturally, the new additions created a continuity between the school house classicism of the original 3-story building and the modern funcionalism aesthetic of the 1968 addition. New infill construction provides the appropriate scale and level of architectural detailing to bridge what was an abrubt transition between the dissimilar wings of the the existing building.

Cost: $38,000,000
Complete: 2001

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